Christmas Cookies

Christmastime is my favorite time of year and I wanted to share some of my family’s traditions with the students. One thing I always look forward to my mom always makes is cutout cookies. Seeing an opportunity for an engaging activity, I found ingredients and made Christmas cut out cookies with students in the university’s kitchen. Before we even started, I was nervous. Although I had food coloring, it was dry, not liquid. Although I had butter, it’s not exactly like the butter at home. I had no idea if the recipe was going to work.

It did work but not without difficulties. First, the dough was too sticky to roll. Even after putting it in the freezer. Then, the scale I was using was inaccurate and I ruined the frosting. After sending two students to the store for more powdered sugar, we made a new batch but with me being a perfectionist, it was barely acceptable. Despite these difficulties, students loved the activity and enthusiastically decorated their cookies, so I am considering it a success.

If you are interested, look through the gallery, you will find their artwork.