A Day Trip to Hawaii

Despite being close to Bishkek, Tokmok has few attractions for tourists. There are, however, two places I can recommend, Burana Tower and the restaurant, Hawaii.

The Burana Tower is a historical site that is located 20-25 minutes south of the city of Tokmok. In a wide open field with a great view of the mountains and surrounded by ancient headstones, the Burana Tower was once a part of an ancient city called Balasagun. Built in the 9th century, the Tower is only a fraction of its original height due to centuries of weathering and earthquakes, but if you climb the narrow stairs, the tower provides great views of the countryside.

Hawaii, on the other hand, is just bizarre. Complete with statues of the Chinese zodiac, figurines of wild animals, and light up palm trees, the restaurant is a favorite for travelers and locals. There is a hotel on the grounds and the restaurant’s green backdrop is a popular location for wedding photos. Admittedly, the food was quite good, and I would will have to sit at one of the floating tables when I return in the summer.